This is the story of how we fooled everyone we knew into thinking my roommate got kicked out of the dorm.

So last year my hall was apparently the worst behaved in the whole dorm. The main RA issued a blanket warning to the hall which meant that we would no longer recieve warnings if we were being too loud or whatever. We would just get written up. Unfortunately noone bothered to tell us this.

The first night back after X-mas break happened to be the night of the Rose Bowl. USC vs. Texas. A bunch of friends and I were watching it in a room down the hall. We were all having a good time watching the game. We had the door open and the TV was turned up a little bit too much. An RA shows up at the door saying "This is just too loud for how late it is. I have to write you up." It was like midnight. Nobody was trying to study or sleep. We turned off the tv while the RA was in the room and you could here the game from at least 3 other rooms. I asked if they were going to get written up too. They didn't get written up. This is my roommates first violation.

For the second violation my roommate, Fred, goes to borrow some tweezers (I know, he's kinda girly) from some girls down the hall. Unfortunately for Fred the girls were being too loud and as he's leaving the room they get a noise violation. Strike two.

One night Fred was playing beer pong in our room with these two girls. They were being super fucking loud and I was SURE we were gonna get busted. Fred went to the bathroom to refill the water cups and is followed back by two RA's with their damn clipboards waiting to write people up. I was doing homework (seriously) and I didn't get in any trouble somehow. Fred got written up and so did one of my friends who was also written up for the rose bowl. Strike 3.

When you get written up you have to go talk to this housing director lady and she gives you your punishment. Its usually an essay about how your actions affected the people living with you. After Fred gets back from his meeting he tells me that his punishment is that he has to go on rounds with the RA's one night to see what they have to go through or something. He came up with the idea to tell everyone he got kicked out of the dorms.

We formulated a plan that would make it sound like he was telling the truth. We made up a 3 strike and youre out rule and said since his violations were in like 1 week he was gone. Next we picked a date for when he had to be moved out by. Somehow everyone believed it.

Finally the night came and everyone said goodbye to him and stuff. That night he piled up all his shit from the room and put it under a blanket on my side of the room. Then he went to stay with one of our friends for the night.

The next day he said he couldn't stay with our friend and we decided he was just going to keep staying in our room until he got caught. It was hard keeping this part of the prank going because I had to leave my key for him and he couldn't swipe his ID to get into the dorm or else people would realize he was lying. Weeks went by and nobody suspected anything. Even people from back home had heard about it and couldn't believe he had fucked up so bad. Finally we came clean and told the whole story.

For some reason nobody ever trusted us again.