This post should actually be called: “How People THINK Photographers Spend Their Time -VS- How They Actually Spend It — it’s not what you think and it’s not too late”. Come to think of it, perhaps I’ll find an even better title… [Done.]

Experience tells me that non-photographers, or amateur photographers often have an idyllic view of the life of a professional photographer. It’s all romping around with a pricy camera, with hot models in ridiculous locations, epic studios, and fancy parties. It’s just not true. That’s not to say there aren’t innumerable awesome perks to my chosen profession, that I don’t count my lucky stars and pinch myself everyday…but his infographic (compliments of Swiss Miss via Seth) tells a different — much more accurate story.

But my real point here is this: every damn profession is full of this stuff. The stuff you’ve gotta do outside the “aura” of the job–whether you’re thinking photographer, rockstar, or astronaut, firefighter or poet– there are ditches the have to be dug, hoops that have to be jumped through, bullshit that can derail the essence of what you do. You can make choices to do more or less of the bullshit…But the way to avoid it? There is no way – you must deal with it. So the way to deal with it? Choose to pursue something you love. Because if you do, those ditches will seem shorter, the hoops closer to the ground, and the bullshit less stinky.

Choose wisely and choose with your heart.

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