How to get fit quick for ski season!

Hey Newschoolers fam. Its getting to be that time of year again. Cool mornings and changing leaves can only mean one thing: Winter is coming. Hopefully you have been preparing your body for ski season at the gym or at home. If you have been a couch potato during COVID (understandable), it is still not too late to up your fitness game and try to reduce injury risk for this upcoming season.

Lucky for you, I am providing an outline for how you can increase your endurance, strength and flexibly during the next few weeks to improve your base fitness levels. There are three aspects of fitness you can improve during the weeks preceding ski season: leg strength, cardio endurance, explosiveness (jumping). Lets all do our best to try to make it through the season as healthy as possible.

The workout split

I am providing a 4 day workout split for core and leg strengthening with agility and endurance days included. Strength training will be broken down into light/heavy “push” and light/heavy “pull” days. Light days will be 10-15 reps per exercise while heavy days will be 1-5 rep maxes. Core training will also be included. Endurance training will focus on high intensity interval training which is more applicable to skiing. Jump training will focus on multi-directional jumping. Here is a break down overview. I have provided some video overviews for most of the exercises listed but you can easily find good sources on Youtube for additional questions.

Warm up:

Dynamic warmups are important before any workout to improve mobility and stiffness before adding weight to the bar. Try out these lower extremity dynamic warmups.

Day 1:

Squats, Split Squats, Reverse Nordics:

Core Workout:

Day 2:

How to deadlift:

Sumo style:

Single Leg Deadlifts:

Single leg Bridges:

Day 3:

Calve Raises:

Core Circuit:

Day 4:

Barbell Bridging:

Nordic Curls:


It will be very important to not do too much too quickly. Start with body weight exercise and add weight as tolerated. Perform with good form and seek a trainer or physical therapist to teach correct form. Muscle soreness should not last more than 2 days for an appropriate intensity. Try to progress this split for 8 weeks for weight and speed used for jumping and endurance circuits. Lastly, this is an educational post and all above information should be used for entertainment purposed only. Medical advice should be sought by trained medical professionals.


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