The clip of Nico Vuignier surfaced last month, under a laundry list of headlines like “Ski fanatic creates 360 degree video” and “Skier twirls iPhone on string to capture amazing 360 video”. It was a classic example of a “freeskier” doing something so extraordinary that it broke into the mainstream. Vuignier built a contraption that allowed him to swing his phone over his head and capture some of the coolest pow footage ever. Ever.

No homegrown development in on-hill tech, especially one as radically innovative as Vuignier’s, goes unnoticed by the nerdy among us. Hundreds of people reached out asking for a behind the scenes look at the project, and now we have it. In a new how-to video, released yesterday, Vuignier demonstrates the concept, research and development of the Centriphone.

You can pre order a patent-pending version of Vuignier's device today. Or, for the more technologically inclined, Vuignier has made the Centriphone designs open source. Download them and make your own today! We can’t wait to see this spring’s explosion of 360 degree edits. First park lap filmed in 360 gets an internet fist bump from all of us here at Newschoolers.