Hollla hollla hollaaaI finally made it to France (thanks Liberty Skis!). It was a long flight but mellow. Ahmet and I got seats next to each other the whole way. It would have sucked to been next to some fat chic or a baby; glad I wasn’t. Early Morning Ocean

Sure enough both of our ski bags were lost and we had a hard time communicating due to the language barrier. Ahmet and I are stupid Americans….no big. We met up with our homies and had them help us out. Antwan Mayet, D-N Camel, and Lotus (sorry guys, the pic wouldn't work!) Lotus being a G and his moms car/van……..hyphy!
Once we got back to Antwans house his mom made us Raclette. It is one of his favorite traditional meals. It consists of lunchmeat mixed up with potatoes and cheese melted over the top. It is real redneck like but it is bomb! Dinner at the Mayet house.
The mountains out here are no joke. Big.
The feature we have set up at Les 7 laux is 2 hips. I am very bad at hitting hips. We got to hit them today and it went alright. Ahmet came out swinging with the illst flat 3 and then dub flat 3 which ended up being on the deck side. With a super stiff neck Ahmet kicked it for the rest of the day. Thomas Keif hands down slayed both of the hips in a line with cork 3 into ally opp rodeo 5…….huge. I have realzed my carving situation is a problem. I landed super low on the hip a few times so it took me a while to get used to going strait off. The set up: Hip left, Hip Right, into a bowl.
Para-glider getting the shot !
Ahmet and I. Chillin.
We are going back to the hips on the 8th. We are off to Alpe D Huez to hit a jump for 2 days. I will keep you posted on what is up. 1