Since when are young skiers from the West & Vermont jealous of those in MN? Well thanks to Full Tilt’s own Mike Hornbeck they are now!

Recently a three-day mini camp (named the Hornbeck Hillbilly Hoopla) was held at Summit Boardshop’s private park in Minnesota and included private coaching from style kings Mike Hornbeck and Ahmet Dadali who were both rockin’ the Hot Doggers like nobody’s business.

Now check out some of the photos by Bill Hickey from Check out the article and more photos HERE!

Day one. All the campers arrive in the morning and meet Mike and Ahmet.

Ahmet and some campers stretch before heading outside.

Despite the rain, Ahmet is stoked on the towrope that Summit has in their backyard.

Because of the rain and warm temperatures the snow was extra soft, giving campers the perfect time to learn new tricks on the hip jump.

After lunch Ahmet helps fill in some bomb holes.

One of the Michigan riders showing how it?s done on the down street rail.

Day two the weather turned for the worse. Temperatures over night dropped into the single digits, which turned the backyard into an ice rink. The first half of the day was spent chopping up the landings and filling in areas with fresh snow.

After lunch Mike had a little Level 1 trivia game for some DVD?s. Who bashed their teeth out in Real Time?

Mike decided to have a best trick comp on the new down-flat-down rail. Throughout the days Mike would have different mini comps on different features in the park.

Everyone at camp walked away with some sweet swag.

I?m not joking here, everyone got sweet stuff.

In the end, weather and all, everyone walked away with a bag filled with some new tricks and new friends.