Hood update #1

This first summer ski update comes to you from Mt. Hood Oregon.

After coming back from Wisconsin and hanging out in Boulder Colorado for a week, it was time to head West in search of better skiing.

Friend and fellow skier John Spriggs and I had been talking about going out to Hood for months, so with little delay I swung by his place in Vail and we were off. Lesh Photo

We managed to decapitate a bird on the way. Its headless body sat on my car for a few hundred miles through Oregon. Lesh photo

We hung out with some friends down in Portland until the urge to ski became too strong. Spriggs and I grabbed our ski gear and headed up to Windell's. Head coach Austin Stevens invited us to ski the lane.

I throw a switch 7 on their step down

Some snowboarder friends from Breck invited us to a propane tank jib. Turned out really well considering none of us had hit anything like this before. Go too far or off the back and drop 15 feet to metal and wood.

Here is my first hit, I slid way too far and somehow stomped it deep in the dirt.

Our evenings were filled with partying and hanging out with ski friends, most of which were coaching at Windell's all summer.

All the coaches get crammed into the shit hole known as the Arc. Every night is a circus there. On this particular night, I was in one of the rooms and heard loud cheering and engine revving. I came out to see this.

Then Leggy decided to jump the pile of trash on a 50cc dirt bike.

On his third attempt, the bike flew away upon landing and sped off into the crowd, taking out someone at the legs. The bike landed on it's side with the throttle pinned and when someone grabbed it, it took off on its own and took out a drainpipe which then smashed into one of the doors at the Arc.

Check out the video on youtube if you get a chance, search for leggy mini bike accident or something like that.

Took a bit of a spill on one of the tries. Lesh photo

Then of course a skater had to try it, its just not the same without the Evil Knevil appeal though. Lesh photo

Hanging out at Hood can get boring, so we headed downtown, here is the famous Burnside skate park. Lesh photo

All kinds of interesting people downtown. Lesh photo

I enjoy looking good at all times

We walked around for a bit, waiting for Portland City grill on the 30th floor of the tallest building in Portland to open for happy hour.

Even got some crazy donuts at world famous Voodoo Donuts.

Finally it was the moment I had been waiting for, great food, great prices, and a great view. PCG baby, Lesh photo

To close off this first update, here are a few pics of me on a wall. Darcy Bacha photo.

Look for Hood update number 2 coming soon...