Just got home after a 5-hour drive from Lillehammer. Home just for the weekend, and for a railjam in Vassfjellet. I have heard that they have got new rails from Sport-Extreme there, and it should be a lot of fun!

Also the Bomba Big Air start-list is taking form. I am stoked too see the big names popping out of that list!

It is not set yet, but here are some of the names that are in:

Thomas Dølplads

PC Fosse

Marius Kjølseth

Mattis Silseth

Herman Fjøss

Sivert Reiten

Eirik Børresen

Vebjørn Engeset

Jon Anders Lindstad

Steffen R Hamre

Markus Elvebakken

Gabriel Gallardo

Pretty much good skiers that knows how to treat a bigair-jump. Eventhough if I end up in last place, I would love to see all these good skiers throw down at Storlien, which is my home-resort from back then!

I will keep you posted about the railjam tomorrow, and perhaps I will do the bigair thing saturday as well!

Peace from Hommelvik. Norway. World