I made my annual trip back to Connecticut earlier this month to catch up with longtime friends and enjoy a few days of relaxation on Long Island Sound with some family.  Although the weather took a turn for the worse while it is nearly impossibe to have anything but a great time at the ocean.  Beach bonfires coupled with tamer inside fires kept us warm in the evenings while our days were filled with games and a few drinks now that we’re of age…  My unbeaten streak in shuffleboard has made it another summer although I did relinquish a few games of croquet.

I’m back in Salt Lake now and ran into a small snow squall in Park City the other morning reminding us winter is just around the corner.  Hopefully the coldfront moves out by this weekend as a large group of friends and I are off to Moab for three days on the Colorado River.  Keep your eyes peeled for an entertaining update from either Wiley or me.  Until then, enjoy the summer…

About as cute as it gets

Always good to see the family
MC is good enough where I need to play right-handed
Re-shingled, so many more generations can enjoy it

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