Yesterday was an action packed day in and around the school and in the evening i was lucky enough to be invited to a part of the town where a large majority of the children who attend the school live. Vista Hermosa is an area which tourists seldom see. Tucked away on the hillside is a community devised of basic living arrangements with very little infrastructure. Housing there mainly consists of corregated metal pieces; i actually saw a vintage Coca Cola sign as one persons living room wall.  The headmaster of the school was our guide as we climbed the maze of alleyways and rocky paths to the summit looking down at Antigua far below us.

What we found up there was an amazing sense of community spirit and i loved how welcoming each family was allowing us into their homes. These people don’t have much in the way of material goods but the smiles are plain to see all around you. I’m pretty sure i received a “good afternoon” from every single person i encountered which was into the hundreds.

Some of the kids who attend the school were back home at this stage playing with other children in the last light of the day. One of the kids, Kimberley, leaves her house every morning at 6am to climb down the mountainside to make it to school. It takes her an hour each way and she’s only 6 years old.

Sitting down looking at my images its difficult to select a group to show you from my visit but i think these portray it pretty well.