If I must --  let me repeat!   ha!

"Home for the Holidays!"

Come join regional pro and am riders at Big Boulder for a day of hangin' out

and shreddin'. Pennsylvania natives have been blowin' up, so lets all get

together, jib out, and show the world that even in the rain we make this

shit look good. Broken collarbones, busted knees, or perfectly healthy, come

one come all and throwdown or just hangout and be a part of the good times.

There will be light swag on hand from several sponsors to hand out for things like

good crashes, great stunts, and random acts that make people laugh. Also, a

limited number of posters will be available to be signed. Boulder has

promised a perfectly groomed park that will be prime for stompin' whatever

you've been working up to in the early season. Hope to see everyone out

there, and if you have any questions feel free to ask them here on

http://www.paskiandride.com or on http://www.newschoolers.com in the Big Boulder Cult or

Regional forums. More info to come right before the weekend!