The lower Accelatron Jumpline opened yesterday.  Riders really put on a show all day that was fun to watch while we finished pushing out the new upper park line.  The upper line will open today as a smaller jump/jib line that feeds into the lower CORE park below the superpipe.  Until we get more natural or get out the inversion and make new snow this will be our main park for the next couple weeks and the xmas holiday.  We will continue to improve the drop in area for the lower jumpline but it will take several nights of snow farming before it gets built up more.  We will also continue to add smaller features to the mini shred and south 40 lines for the holidays shredders on vacation and possibly start adding jibs to lost dutchman.

Hope everyone enjoys the new setup.  And please remember that it is the holidays.  That means the holiday crowd will be growing daliy.  Please be respectful of everyone using the parks…everyone is here to have a good time.  Not everyone coming up over the next two weeks is going to be the the most in with it park riders but that doesn’t mean that they need to get vibed by the cool guys.  At one time WE ALL weren’t as cool as we think we are please give the holiday shredders some space and let them have some fun too.  Park staff will be out in force to help move the flow along…so please let us educate the the holiday crowd as best we can so everyone can just get their shred on!!!!

Happy Holidays..

ps-still just waiting on the zuagg snowcat to come out of the shop so we can turn full force on the superpipe.  All the snow has been in place for over a week.  We are putting the zuagg on a different cat this year and unfortunately the shop is a little backed up right now, we just need to get this other cat the cat fully tuned up and dialed in the run the zuagg.

Lower Accelatron Jumpline:

triple set of medium table top jumps


32ft d/f rail

medium table top jump

24ft flat rail

medium step up jump

24ft up/down rail

30ft c-box

up flat down box

2 rollers

mini wall ride

podium ledge mini wall

down box

30ft c-box

hip/QP w/tube stall

medium table top

dance floor

4 pack of bmx style jumps


2 small table tops

1 small step up jump

Mini Shred

mini ride-on rainbow Box

2 mini tabletops

mini ride-on flat box