Happy Holidays!

We've been hard at work keeping things fresh, pushing snow, and the parks as well. Come up and slay for the holidays in either the Telus Park, Kiddie Park, and now the Discovery Park (@ night!)

The Discovery park will run from 4:30 - Late, in the village, right next to the Discovery Carpet.

We have pushed our first park jump of the season in the Telus Park up at the top on the first tranny in the L/XL lane. It's SICK! check out some Pics below from Saturday courtesy of the SilverStar Photo man himself Tim Fitzgerald!!!

The Kiddie Park is gettin RAD as well! A major rebuild went underway for the holidays, with some resizing to all the trannys, and the addition of 2 jumps in there as well. You can send it 10ft-deep, there very safe, and learner friendly! Come check it out!

Here's a feature list as my pictures are lacking, expect a repost soon with images.

Kiddie Park:

2ftx8ft box


2ftx8ft box

10ft Jump

18ft box

10ft Jump

Telus Park S/M Lane

2ftx8ft box

15ft Jump

1ftx16ft T box

32ft box

2ftx8ft flat box - 2ftx10ft down box

Battleship box

8ftx16ft flat-down rail

Telus Park L/XL Lane

40ft Wedge Jump

DC House Box (flat with 45degree sides)

Down flat down box

24ft street rail

Up flat (step up raiil)

Welded barrells bonk

Discovery Park Lane (Village night session only)

2ftx8ft box

1ftx8ft box

1ftx8ft box

You can expect to see more soon, probly even the day after I post this we will have more features in. We're gettin snow, all natural, keep it real, and come on up and SESH!

Happy Holidays!