We at Skiershop know that searching for deals online can be a time consuming process.

Below is part two of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide – featuring select skis and boots to get you on your merry way! And in case you missed it, here is Part 1.

Frontside Skiing and All Mountain: Kastle MX78, Kastle MX88, Kastle RX12, Kastle RXSL, Klint Fringe, Stockli Laser Skis and Stockli Stormrider VXL & LXL. Kastle BMX78, Kastle BMX88, Kastle BMX98, Kastle BMX108, Kastle FX84, Kastle FX94,Kastle FX104, Stockli Stormrider VXL, Stockli LXL, Stormrider 95, Stockli Laser SX,Surface Watch Life, Surface Double Time, Surface Live Life, Icelantic Pilgrim, Icelantic Nomad, Icelantic Nomad SFT, Icelantic Shaman, Icelantic Oracle, Klint Prime, Head Peak 84, Liberty Helix.
Powder Skiing: Kastle BMX 108, Kastle BMX118, Kastle BMX128, Kastle FX 104,Stockli Stormrider 110 TT, Stormrider Pro, Surface Live Life, Surface One Life, Surface New Life, Icelantic Gypsy, Icelantic Keeper, Liberty Mutant, Liberty Double Helix, Klint Krypto.

Park Skiing: Klint Pipestar, Klint Pure, Liberty LTE, Liberty Antigen, Stockli Rotor 84,Surface No Time, Surface Double Time, Surface Next Time, Surface My Time, Icelantic Pilgrim, Nordica Dead Money.

Alpine Touring: Avalanche Safety, Kastle FX Series, Kastle TX Series, Marker Baron,Gecko Skins, MSR Denali Poles, Kastle Touring Poles.