As the holiday season is almost here, I had the team get me photos with their gear.  Check it out if you need some last minute ideas.

Steph Myers and Carrie Rossman

Steph Myers is using the Line Shadow with Marker Griffon bindings and Scott Witness goggles.

Carrie Rossman is on the Line Invaders. She's wearing Scott Alias - P51 goggles, the Helly Hansen Bianca Down Jacket and Helly Hansen Asima Pants.

Carrie Rossman and Mike Broadbent

Mike Broadbent is on the Scott Punisher with Marker Griffon bindings.  He's wearing the Scott Alias - Tuxedo goggles and Helly Hansen Montreal Down Jacket.

Landon Spear is on the K2 Extreme skis.  He's wearing the Electric EG2 goggles and Vader Beanie, the Holden Maplethorpe Down Jacket, Orage Benjamin pants, and Joystick Sauce poles.  And his cane, but you only want that if you get a bad injury like he did.

Detune your edges kids!

Aidan Sheahan is also a fan of the K2 Extreme.

Witt Foster plays beer pong with his Line Sir Francis Bacons.

Jeff Kiesel is riding the Surface Live Life 2.

Brady Perron pees next to his Amplid Cholesterone skis and Scott Alias - P51 goggles.

Colin Kirkpatrick is on Moment Reno Rockers, and is wearing Dragon Rogue goggles, the Holden Benjamin Jacket, and the Holden Standard Pant.

Dan Broadbent is on the K2 Disorderly with the Marker Griffon bindings.  He's wearing the Electric EG2 LTD Edition Take It Back goggle and beanie, the Holden Maplethorpe Down jacket, and Holden Curtis Denim pant.

Jen Allen skis on the Moment Pika with the Marker Griffon bindings.  She's wearing the Dragon Mace goggles and Moment Diamond tee.

Josh Bishop is on the Surface Watch Life skis.  He's wearing the Scott Alias - Cabalo goggles, Surface Resort Expedition Mask, and Scott Crowbar Print Jacket and Faction Print pant.

LJ Strenio and Jenn Hirsch

Jenn Hirsch is on the K2 Disorderly skis.  She's wearing the Scott Witness goggles, the Helly Hansen Alima Jacket and Pant.

LJ is on the Line Invaders.  He's wearing the Scott Alias - Tuxedo goggles, and the Orage Rocka jacket.

Hopefully this update gave you some ideas for gear you may want or need.  Get your stuff and go skiing!