The first of the 1516 Rail Jams went off for the holidays, and kids were throwing down! We brought out 3 brand new freshie features to play on including the new DC donkey kick rail, down flat down box, and DC down ledge. If you weren’t there for all the action, you shoulda been because it was sick. Tons of 270’s in, and out, madness on the donkey kick, and steeze for days. The local Silverstar crew was sending it, and the Sunpeaks shredders as well, a ton of fresh faces, and ski suits aint nobody seen before. Huge shout out to the events crew, park crew, all the sponsors, Emcee Ran, and everyone involved to make it happen. Look for the new features in the park within the next week, and don’t miss out on the next one on Jan 15th We’ve been cooking up a few more feature creations that will introduce in the next jam, so stay tuned, happy holidays, and will see you at the next 1516 Rail Jam.Results:Guys Ski 1) Kieran Nikula2) Derek White3) Devyn SlocumGirls Ski1) Emma Whitman2) Jenna Anderson3) Veronica Chapman