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Abstracts' "Hold Your Own"

Hold Your Own, Abstract's second film, is the breakthrough amateur film of the year. Set apart by its impressive mixture of skiing and snowboarding, HD cinematography, unique editing style, and urban inspired soundtrack. This movie is about a group of friends riding together, trying to make the best of what the East Coast has to offer, which isn't snow. Follow nine friends as they each try to hold their own from the streets of Portland Maine to the back country of Grizzly Gulch Utah. Watch 18 year old filmmaker's Mack Fisher and Taylor Mcintosh bring their vision of the East Coast to you in a 35 minute High Definition ride from start to finish.


Shea Flynn

John Turner

Matt Pothier

Tristan Corriveau

Justin Keniston

Taylor Mcintosh

Kevin Jellerson

Matt Seavy