Tyler Barnes has been a member of the #SagaFam well before you even knew what Saga was. The Michigan native moved to Utah in 05′ and has been filming segments for 4bi9 media and enjoying hot laps at PC every season since. This past fall Barnes also graduated from the UofU, moving himself to full time scholar, something that half the Saga office, including myself have not beaten the game in (always picked last). I feel now is a better time than ever to thank Barnes publicly for his incredible work ethic and the dedication to helping build the brand over the years. Saga would not be possible without the core group of riders that pushes us to create the best, most functional products to meet the demands of their on and of hill lifestyle. Barnes with his continued support and good attitude is a reminder to all of us why we work so hard each season to keep this project alive and thriving. I look forward to spending more days filming with Barnes and the whole Saga Fam this season, it’s only a matter of time now. Enough nostalgic talk, just watch the edit already!