Found this little thought on my friend Ingrid Backstrom's blog. Instead of paraphrazing it, I'll just c & p the majority of her post..."...This first article, entitled It's Time to Learn From Frogs is about the connection between a type of chemical (widely used in non-organic agriculture and industry)--known as an endocrine disruptor--and all sorts of messed up birth deformities being found in fish, reptiles, and increasingly, humans. I had heard for a while that one of the main chemicals used in antibacterial hand-sanitizers (purell, etc.) and soaps had a similar effect, and sure enough, as this second article states, it turns out that that's exactly what they're talking about. So, what can we do to minimize these effects and insure that the next generation doesn't grow up all hermaphrodites (like what's happening to the frogs!)? For starters, wash your hands and dishes with regular soap and hot water! Studies have found that a 30 second hand wash with natural soap and hot water has the same effectiveness against germs as anything that says "antibacterial" on it. Choosing organic products & doing your homework on foods and products makes a huge difference--many pesticides and chemicals used in growing and making our foods contain endocrine disruptors. And I guess trying not to use as much plastic when buying or storing foods; as a suggestion, I try to wash out any glass jars from stuff I buy, and re-use the jars instead of plastic. Pickle jars are big and work really well--but I usually soak them in soapy water overnight to get rid of the pickle-y-ness."So there it is. A proper little piece of advice for you and me. Every now and then I come across an environmental article that strikes me. Thought I would share one of those Hippieisms with you all.