Claims that Hillary Clinton has been receiving speaking fees from FIS have begun floating around. It is believed that just last year FIS paid Clinton $250,000 for one speech at the base of Vail Ski Resort. When asked about these accusations, she denied them with a simple, "C'mon guys, you know me," in hopes to appear core to the American skier.

Today, Bernie Sanders responded with an ET phone home-like finger, “It’s time to bring skiing back to its roots, we must break up the corrupt big money associations funding a lying candidate! Kids are out there riding 40 hours a week, lucky if they win a couple hundred bucks here and there, simply an unlivable wage. Truly a tragedy. Skiing isn’t just for the top 1% of athletes hucking triples, and we’re sure as heck not gonna let this crooked duo ruin it for the rest of America!”

Skiers around the nation seem to be taking a liking to Sanders, his die hard supporters anxiously awaiting the day they can burn one down on hill with him legally.