MVJ Business School does not only impart educationbut also bags its students the best of jobs available in the market. Havingcreated professionals who are ready to contribute in every way to the businessstructure in the global context, MVJ brings best of companies at its doorstepto give the fresh minds multitude of opportunities to direct their energy.MVJ Business School has been recording associationswith almost 150 top companies and its history of dedication helps it to keepthe flag flying high. MVJ does not only cater to the needs of its students butequally priorities the requirement of the companies and thereby its course isdesigned uniquely to answer to do justice at both ends. The academic session of2007- 2008 breaks forth all the record of top institutes when it comes torecruitment because MVJ provided placement for 350 students even after suchdistortion in the market trend. Job is no more a stress factor for the studentsof MVJ.