So last June i crashed my first car, being only 17 i only had the car for a short time and no money to fix the darn thing. ski season was looking like it wasn't gonna be so great with no car and no way to get to the local hill 1 hour away. an small quaint hill with a 10 minute quad chair ride 700ft vertical and 10 runs. a T-bar and a magic carpet round it out. there is a decent park even tho this year is the first year i'll be doing anything bigger than a 3 on head carving skis. so after crashing the car and racking up some tickets and having a little spare money i purchased a pair of 2012 Line Blends on a deal in august. going to be purchasing look bindings and FT Drop Kicks to control em. now i'm just dealing with the aftermath of my parents hating me and getting ready for the upcoming ski season. living the dream waiting for snow. Its just one of those days i'm ready to drop out of high school to go ski bum. already would have if i still had my car.