I truly underestimate the time while working full days all week… I think I can do anything, but truth is… I can´t, I can´t even do shit while working full days. I am way to exchausted when I come home day after day. Work-out at the gym atleast 4 times a week before job takes it toll too.  I try to do everything a 110 % all the time, that´s my motto, unfortunately no-one is made to do everything THAT good… I´m not promising myself to much these days, I rather see what´s up when the time is right.

Blogging takes a lot of time, but I really like to show a bunch of well-known and unknown people how my life is at each time. Some times it´s a lot of fun, hard to believe it´s true, and sometimes it sucks… I guess everyones lifes are that way.  But blogging is hard to do when I am away all day, every day… Hope you stick around for some action later on this fall though!

I´ve been browsing myself on youtube and vimeo this evening. YES! I am a self-centered arrogant freak, that enjoy looking at his own skiig-videos. But hey, I try to remind myself sometimes, how fun skiing really is, how much I long for the winter. It keeps me motivated to do other things in the summer and fall, work, gym, house-work and so on. You should put on some videos of things that reminds you about good times, and see if it motivates you too!

Gotta go, my number one hobby at night theese days, are on; Movies…