Ok so it's no big deal that we do thankless work for minimal pay and don't even care because we get a gigantic kick out of it. Last year the snowmakers of Breckenridge blew 55 million gallons of water into snow on Freeway in order to afford us the opportunity to build this thing. This year was much of the same except we were way ahead of the game. That paid dividends.

The harrowing part of the tale is that if anybody knew what it is that we actually endure in order to make that possible(including about the most dangerously fun snowmobile madness that could ever be invented) they would send out accolades to the other world class athletes that comprise our humble tribe. We take our job very seriously and graciously accept the responsibility of working in the shadows...it's actually perfect for us. However; In lieu of our reward for kicking so much ass last year(which turned out to be a case of mountain dew for 44 people...a frozen corrolary to such a behemoth of a project) I thought I'd send this. The immutable amount of strenuos excersice required to create that much snow is really unfathomable(We would challenge some of the world class athletes if they wanted to play our game and we would win). Some of the best park guys were previously snowmakers and God bless 'em for all of their work. They are the artists and sculptors who create the masterpiece out of our canvass.

We were there tonight and were lucky enough to find some frozen mountain dew which we can thaw out and enjoy later. we also found some leftover dinners that were equally frozen(We took the brownies))Just seems like as we're being shuffled out the door after almost losing some of our people that maybe we could get a hat or something. If this attempt to communicate has any clout or if by some miracle I don't get fired for posting this then I'd say if it's within your power at least hook up the snowmaking department specifically then please take a tiny bit of time out of your super busy schedule and at least say hi.

The park guys get a tremendous amount of swag cuz they do rock. Without us there wouldn't be much to work with. Just a humble message from a snowmaker who will probably be working at quicky lube in the next few days..."Gnothi se auton"...Means "Know Thyself" in Latin.

Hook us up.