July 21 afternoon at the city auto parts industry Forum on the run "Auto Parts Industry Demonstration Zone," warmly invited to the national auto industry, dozens of entrepreneurs, experts and scholars on behalf of the industry talk about the future paths answer the development plan, pointing maze operations, promote industrial upgrading. Municipal Committee, Mayor Zhang attended the Summit from the Bank and addressed. Jin-Dong Li, deputy secretary of the Urban Forum, chaired Municipal Committee, vice mayor announced at the meeting in paragraph Zhigang city cooperation projects in a number of auto parts industry.

Zhang from the Bank in behalf of the municipal government participate in Summit of the entrepreneurs, experts and scholars welcome and thanks. He said, Hengyang auto parts industry after 50 years of training and development, Buick shocks and struts introduce held very successfully, already has some foundation and competitive advantage. Currently, the city's auto parts industry has 52 above-scale enterprises, with 12 national, provincial and municipal enterprise technological centers, producing more than 200 kinds of products, annual output value of 6.8 billion yuan, and the emergence of a day of wild machinery, Hunan oil pump, ASIMCO, Changfeng VI, Ling-frame bridge, Buick quick strut and a number of trade wind along known enterprises, the province is to become the first demonstration base of auto parts industry.

On how to run "demonstration base of automobile spare parts industry in Hunan province," Zhang from Silver sincerely wish to participate in Summit of you entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, to the automotive industry trends and ideas, and promote parts industry cluster development, enterprise restructuring and upgrading guide side wrong way, the municipal government will fully absorb the outcome of the Forum to develop a more comprehensive policy to provide more quality services, adopt more effective measures to promote the rapid development of automobile spare parts industry in our city, like Buick complete strut assembly, truly make a Hunan Hengyang Auto Parts industrial demonstration bases.

To participate in Summit of you entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from seizing the opportunity to play to its advantages in terms of its auto parts industry in Hengyang, came up with guidance, forward-looking proposal. Society of Automotive Engineers consultants, equipment recommendations, Minister Chen Hengyang auto parts industry, long the main direction of development should be located in the energy-saving environmental protection, to have an advantage in Hengyang diesel injection system, automatic transmission, turbocharged technically much more to own intellectual property rights. Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. from the Executive Vice President Liu Yu and hope all the auto parts enterprises in Hengyang, there must be industry-wide view of the market concept, to have the technology industry comparative advantage, to control better the relationship between investment and productivity , to learn each other upstream and downstream enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang cluster model, started in the country and even around the world Hengyang brand.   B2C | B2B2C