I wanted to put a picture in here.   This is me trying to feed a cat wine.  I think he is none too impressed. Well, so 90,000.   Its like its some kind of milestone... though really 100,000 is going to be the crazy one.   Lots of people say "Yeah but everyone has two accounts" which is true, but the real test is unique visitors.   NS has been maxing out at roughly 86,000 unique visitors in a month for the last two winters.   So that pretty accurately reflected the number of members.   You see, for every person that has 3 accounts, there's 3 people out there who just browse around as a guest.   Lots of people complain that there is too much bitching on NS, and that the people on here are too immature, or ride park too much.   Whatever it is people bitch about the bitches on NS (in my mind thusly making them a bitch too).   What we all have to realise is that with Newschoolers.com bosting traffic numbers like this, there isn't really a freeskiing media source out there that is any bigger.   To the best of my knowledge, all the major players in our sport don't boast much more than a realistic 80,000 - 100,000.   So depending on how you measure it, NS is right in there.   What does this mean?  POWER.   You see power comes from numbers.   Its why there are elections, protests, marches... power comes from having the attention of the masses.   So just as much as Freeskier or Poorboyz has the attention of the masses, so does newschoolers.com.   Whats the difference?   Its you motherfuckers that control the voice of NS, not us.   We are entitled to our own opinions, but you guys are entitled to yours, and frequently tear ours to pieces.   The key is that it is a two-way media source, and you can have your voice heard.   No longer is skiing stuck with one-way media in which the pros/companies/media moguls dictate what you are to think... you now can change the future of skiing.  So I'd say that from this day forwards, instead of bitching about the state of skiing, we all need to work towards changing it together.   I mean if nobody else can prove that there is a larger gathering of young skiers, then I guess we're it.   Love it or hate it, NS represents a HUGE cross-section of the world of skiing.  Now, I said that this was going to be about helping NS grow.   We do some advertising... we trade with other media sources to get the message out there.   However the problem with this is that it is simply getting people who are already into it, and probably already visiting the site.   We need more.  We need the momentum of our entire sport to grow, and we need NS at the forefront of it.   That way we can bitch ourselves into a future of skiing that we can all love together.  The more numbers we have, the more we are going to be able to do.   If NS doubles in traffic, and all of a sudden we find ourselves AHEAD of other media sources, we're going to be able to turn that around into cool shit for you guys.   We'll run major contests in which you guys get a say on how its done.   We'll allow you to speak your mind in public forums, and really get down to changing the sport of skiing, instead of just bitching about it.  However, to build an army we need two things:  Numbers and Money.  The advantage we have is that since NS makes all its money from ad sales, the money comes from the numbers.   So there is one incredibly simple way you can help NS grow, and give us the means to bring skiing into its future.Just tell absolutely every skier you ever meet about NS.   Don't be afraid that they will think your nerdy, afterall there's a higher chance that they are on the site than they aren't.   NS has always grown from word of mouth, and this still remains the best way.   If you are from Europe, New Zealand, Austrailia, whevever in the world, spread the word!!  Lets get NS to be the single largest place that Young skiers go to find out what is up.   I give you my word that when we grow we will do everything in our power to give back to the people who have helped us out all along.  The NS members!  Go tell a friend.  Just make sure to tell them not to be a bitch. PS:If you need your NS badges of honour, don't forget to send in for your free stickers!  Check this link out: http://newschoolers.com/web/content/pagetemplate/name/stickers/page/stickers/If you've sent in for some already, don't be afraid to send in for more.   We'll always give away free stickers to whoever wants them.