My name is Tom Lesuire, and I was born on December 16th 1992 in Bourg Saint Maurice, France.I live in Val d'Isère which is a really good ski resort with a good park.

I do some comps and I'm sponsored by Armada, Smith, Full Tilt, Planks and Val d'Isère.

When I was younger, I was used to win every comps. But now I'm so scared about doin a 360 because of my huge injurie.

I've broken my atrial. Which is really painful (I almost died).

After a few years filming with my grand mother and competing around my ski resort, I've spent all the money that I earned during the summers. I've worked really hard during the summer and fall (jobs like mason, florist...) to get all this money, but skiing is so expensive.

My sponsors help me a litlle bit but not enough to do everything I want.

But now I realise that my biggest goal is to get to SPACE only one time in my entire life.

And specially on the MOON.

This is where I need your help. I have a goal of raising $20 000 000 000 to help cover the costs of a travel to the moon. And also to have a new GoPro to shoot this shit.

With your help, I can 100% focus on my training in the NASA Space Center, without the burden and stress of figuring out how to cover these costs.