As our winters draw to a close, it’s about time for us college-aged skiers to join together in continuing the proud tradition of summer internships. In order to earn minimum keep to sustain our habits through winter, we creep out from basements and down from spring slopes to scrape together our limited work experience, format it in a way that is pleasing to the eye, and ship our resumes off to prospective employers.

All this in stride, I am among the unemployed and would like to have an internship in the ski industry, with an emphasis in the manufacturing of hardgoods. As Newschoolers has been a huge part of my so called “breakthrough” in the ski industry, I turn to you to help. I will be submitting my feedback to future possible employers and would appreciate if any of you who have had any interactions with myself to write something about me that’ll help get me hired as an intern this summer!

Link to my Feedback

TL;DR I’m looking for an internship this summer, and I need your help! Write cool stuff in my feedback, and if you happen to be a prospective employer… Here's my cover letter/resume.


P.S. if you do all this and help share my article, I will send you a cool letter.