After an all-out, non-stop, photo shootout with some of the best skier and photographer talent in the west, the voting battle wages on between Salt Lake rippers Luke Perin and Marcus Caston.

At the end of a grueling four-day competition, charging from 4am to midnight each day, the sun began to dip in the western horizon over Salt Lake City. In one last effort to capture the best photo of the Visit Salt Lake Shootout, Luke Perin with winch handle in tow, launched himself repeatedly at a massive 30 foot wide dirt-bike park gap. Just as the sun began to fade out, the money shot - snap - captured just moments before the closing bell of the competition. Reaching a technical level far beyond the average groomed park run, this urban jump, with pristine Salt Lake skyline needs your vote!

I love powder as much as the next guy, but this shot certainly demands much more skill, and balls, and deserves to win. We need your help to see it through. Show some love and follow the link below to vote for Luke Perin and me. *PEACE*

Vote online by clicking here (][/b]) or via mobile by clicking here (][/b])