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Skiers and snowboarders are still skiers and snowboarders whether it is December or July. The same goes for mountain bikers, kayakers and all of the other enthusiasts who Helly Hansen supports with the best gear in the world. For that reason we rebuilt the website so that no matter what hemisphere you¹re in or what month it is, you will be able to find the right gear info and team news.

Some of the most interesting features on the new site are an interactive 3-layer discussion with team riders Lisa Filzmoser and Nico Zacek and the return of HHTV with high quality videos and a new full screen viewing option. On HHTV you can check out the Helly pro athletes welding a 1000 pound jib feature which now resides in Aspen¹s Buttermilk public terrain park for everyone to ride.

The new site layout makes sure products are easy to check out and compare. An interactive slideshow from several different photo shoots gives yet another option for checking out the team and what they are wearing. Plus you get to see what happens when you mix a Swiss snowboarder, a little too much adult refreshment and rollerskates.

Helly Hansen has manufactured technical outdoor apparel since 1877.Today the brand is recognized as a global leader in technical apparel and shoe designs for a range of outdoor and water sports activities. Helly Hansen products are distributed in more than 40 countries.