Europe is amazing, in particular the Graubunden region of Switzerland.

Ill skip the details since there have been a number of front page news articles posted about the trip thus far that I wanted to pass along.

The first is a Freeskier Magazine article. There is a good write up and lots of pics, here is the link:


There are also a few posts on the Powder Magazine website. Here they are (the first has a place to click to see more pictures):




for whatever reason these links don't work, you can see them on the

front pages of Freeskier.com and Powder.com.

The ski portion of the trip isnt even half over, and we have another week of skiing at Davos and St. Moritz, so there should be another update to follow. Then I have a week to travel around Europe and be a bum, wish me luck.

If I end up in a French jail, maybe you can bake a file into a croissant for me...