Greetings NSers! Rogge here. I used to have this blog thing on LOCKDOWN but since taking a job at Meathead Films and Ski The East, I've been swamped with all sorts of work. (yeah, yeah - I'm not complaining!) Since taking over the marketing and sales here, I think we've done some pretty cool things that I wanted to let YOU, the loyal NS readers in on:-We're forming a DOPE Ski The East team for next season. I'm really stoked with how the team is shaping up and I'm confident that we have a team that will not only represent the East Coast and Ski The East well but also NS, as we've got a few fan favorites in there (T.C. anybody?). If you think you'd be a great addition to the family, send an email and a promo video to mike@skitheeast.netCheck the site for news, weather, and all sorts of other fun stuff:http://www.skitheeast.netAND don't forget, the NS Store is carrying this year's Ski The East gear!!! (wooo hoooooo! finally Bishop and I can talk REAL business on the phone!), We've listened to your comments, opinions, and suggestions (of course I read NS) and we're banging out a KILLER line of Ski The East gear this summer that will be ready for the fall. Hot damn, it's looking good. Here's a sample:

-The new Meathead Films flick, Wild Stallions is shaping along nicely. Will Wesson continues his work as an urban innovator. Garrett Russell brings a fun new flavor to the mix. We've also added Jon Brogan, Cedric T-F, and Sean Jordan to the mix and a few others I'll keep under wraps for now. The trailer should be dropping in the next month or two. Keep checking the site for constant updates! http://www.meatheadfilms.comand peep our new facebook page! in other news, continues to be rocking and rolling. I've got a few other projects in the works that I'll keep on the down low for now but expect some BIG (HUGE, really) news coming late this summer and early fall. Until next time, thanks for keeping the shred alive.-Rogge