As a little background, I grew up hitting rails in Ohio because when it snowed, the park was too slow and flat to ski. Since I've moved to Utah I haven't had much luck hitting urban between getting busted and injuries.

Over the past few seasons, I've watched street skiing take such a fresh and unique path apart from its roots. Sometimes one might find themselves rewinding a clip over and over again in an attempt to comprehend what went down. Presently we are witnessing such diverse styles being channeled on some heavily weighted features.

A few buddies caught my interest when they showed me footage of a decently sized bridge that required a blind pop over a chest high wall, followed by a sizable plummet into tranny down below. After seeing an incredibly stylish shot of my buddy john tweaking out a safety high above the wall, I had to give it a try. Above are a few screenshots from the day, it feels good to get my feet wet again. - Matt Heffernan