When all comes to an end, there is no excuses for staying at home when you can be outside having fun. Even if that means you have to hit a rail at 8-10 at night, all by yourself.  I am not joking actually. Allmost every night for two weeks I have been facebooking, texting and calling my homies, begging them to join me hit rails. Usually everyone has an excuse or something else to do.  As a matter of fact, when they decide to hit rails, they usually forget to tell me, leaving me all alone at home..  I am kind of fed up with this, and I love learing new stuff, especially on rails.  That’s why I have been hitting the railpark alone lately. Not as much fun as with a bunch of people, but good music and a whole lot of stokeness does the job! And what a great possibility to learn new stuff!

I have bought some gear, so that I can hit rails anytime I want!

Even Sigstad, possible one of the best technical rail-skiers in the world, has builded the railpark, with these two little drop-ins. Works like a charm!

Drop-in at night.

Really tired right now, time to hit the sack. Starting work at 09.00 AM tomorrow, which leaves me a lot of spear-time in the afternoon. Good night y’all