Disclaimer...i was hammered when I thought this up.

1) IMO or maybe its general consensus, but humans can only think about or perceive what they have indeed seen, heard of or experienced. Anything outside of that is completely out of the realm of our understanding. We just can't seem to put a finger on it, or explain it, because we haven’t the words or notations too.

Now i was looking at the stars a few nights ago and thought about the universe...its end, its beginnings, where it is, who is there? And in all of that, I thought about what people have previously thought about those questions.

Insert creationism, big bang theory, and other random ones.


So if God created everything...all the stars and galaxies, where is he? Are we in the familiar "crystal ball" on his table at home? There where is he? What are the limits of his universe or existence? Why would he create all of that universe and have us being the only life?

So if we arent the only ones, then that leads me to think that was we perceive as everything, our periodic table of elements...is really only a small piece of the universal puzzle. Its entirely possible that God has other life forms living off completely different elements.... hell, they could all be different.... hell, they might not even be elements! They may be something else. Something we can’t even perceive yet/ever. Not a solid, or a liquid, or a gas...

What really is the limit of what God has done? In order to not bash the bible...what if the bible is only one chapter of his story or his creations? What if the other creations all have their versions of a bible as well?

Big Bang:

Popular theory states that right now it started off with an explosion of a piece of rock so dense we couldn’t even imagine. Subsequently, the billions of years that pasted after that explosion sent all the current stars in an outward moving process that over time settled and some how clumped together and formed the galaxies. Seems to make sense as they have measured the stars and they are moving. And by using the colours of light they refract, they can tell which was they are moving. Neat idea.

But where is the end? Is it an end? Right now we are stuck in the idea that we are in this crystal ball. But again, WHAT THE HELL IS OUTSIDE IT?

Or is that the wrong questioning to ask? Do we ask it because that is all we have perceived so that is the only 'logical' explanation we could come up with.

What is there is something out there that doesn’t make sense to us? That we couldn’t explain mathematically. What if it was an inverse sphere?

The universe could be in inverse sphere. What is that? Well, I can’t explain it because i don’t know how. But those 2 words sure sound like what I’m thinking. It works like this...

If we travel 'straight' out into space long enough, we would eventually come right back to earth. Its self contained 'something'. It’s not a shape. We refuse to let go of that notion. There are things out there we cant/haven’t seen. Including 'shapes' that don’t fall into any category of shape.

So to end this little entry of sorts…the old clichéd to hell line ‘thinking outside the box’ has been our best attempt, well, from what we have perceived that is, to pursued people to thing of new things to open up our universe, to help us explain and crave our hunger for knowledge.

"Maybe we should stop limiting our previous notions of 'thinking'. Thinking is coming to a conclusion from past experiences. We need something more then thinking now."