The road trip to Zakopane actually starts on Wednesday, including the consequences of a Wednesday night in Innsbruck. A part of the crew was displaced to some of Innsbruck finest localities by the Legs of Steel. This is why the departure time was changed without further ado from 8h to 10h at 5 o?clock in the morning.

Polish Streets

On Thursday morning the downdays and Line traveling crew consisting of the Photographer Thomas Charry, Jussi Mononen and Jonee Puelz under the guidance of Line?s ?Mista Cash? Korbi left to Poland. At the Chiemsee Roy Kittler joined us. The fact that it finally snowed after a dry period lasting for weeks implied a big disadvantage for us. The traveling time was extended about more than 4 hours, so in total we spent 14,5 hours on the road. Our 2 navigation systems both didn?t know Zakopane, which didn?t speed up our duration spent in the car, as well.

Jussi and Jonee

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