This year I got lucky.  I was at the Halloween store on Halloween day looking for a costume and found the most epic wig ever.  I’m assuming every one of you has seen the Kill Bill movie series and remember the evil master, Pai Mae.  I was considering a few other mediocre costumes then I saw the “Japanese Sensi” wig.  Pretty easy choice, I then again got lucky at the thrift store and found a “Oriental” silk getup that completed the look.  I had never done Halloween as any sort of Asian character but at least I pulled it off well.  Needless to say I was pretty proud.  Here’s to the drinking holiday where everyone gets to forget who they are and have a shitload of fun!

Thanks to Jordan Harper over at Saga Outerwear for taking these photos of me in the new Saga video studio.  Check out his post on Saga’s website with a few more photos from the night.