Hafjell run from PK Hunder on Vimeo.A run thru the park here in hafjell, there´s a couple of more rails on the side, but this is the line we skied all day. Of course I managed to screw up the last rail.... whatever, not like it´s a X-games winning run anyways.As you can see it´s just the small park that´s up and running, but that´s actually perfect for me. Cause now I have some days to get used to spinning right side before I go to Keystone. in the beginning it was even uncomfertable looking over my right shoulder when I was skiing switch, so I guess it´s good to start small. It was a lot of fun though, sun was shining, my buddy Steffen Hamre was there, fast laps and good snow. not much more I can ask for. PK