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These skis are the most fun ski I think I have ever ridden on. They make quick turns and are very responsive, they performed very well in softer conditions and slush, but still kept a solid edge on the hard stuff. If I could change the ski I would make it longer, but I am also 6'3''. they are softer than the stingers, and the pop comes from a little further in the ski, but they are still very springy. There is a consistent flex that makes buttering, manuals and nose manuals, and presses come naturally to the ski. As a side note, HG is the most costumer friendly business I have ever encountered. Everyone should support small businesses, and HG is in my opinion the best choice possible. - A_Harrington

Characteristics: Maneuverable, Floaty, Durable, Poppy

Manufacturer's Description:

Our flagship model has been revered as an all-mountain carving machine. The Transfer is the rockered version of our original ski. The addition of rocker brings the ends of the skis up off the snow earlier, loosening the tip and tail for catch free butters and easy maneuverability. Pushing through crud or floating through powder is effortless. As with all of our skis, durability remained a key factor in the development of the Transfer. We recommend the Transfer for rocker fans, all-mountain riding, and park.

Sizes: 178 CM

Dimensions: 125 / 96 / 125 MM

Radius: 18 M

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