HG Skis 2014' Film, 5 to 9, arguably put the Vermont ski company on the map. Another year calls for another team movie- perhaps even one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. Children of the Guan has now been released to the public for all our viewing pleasures. The film features the talent of the HG Skis Team- Christian Franchino, Connor Gaeta, Hunter Tyrrell, Cole Gibson & Jamie Amodeo.

Cam Willis photo.

For starters, I'm personally a huge fan of of the non-hd film style they went after. Filmed entirely in the streets, it reflects the lack of luxury that goes into getting their shots. No drones, no 4K HD, its refreshing to see a ski movie focus less on the cinematography aspects, and rather a crew simply traveling around in a van, living on Tim Hortons, and busting their asses for shots.

The team not only sends massive rail tricks, but manages to jib over everything in their path, slide every ledge, and ride every wall. There's something special about the HG Skis crew- the streets are quite literally their playground. The team embodies an essence of skiing that I would consider relatable to the majority of skiers; travel around with what you have, sending what you've got. As for the banger tricks and nasty crashes, they're there- I'll leave the film to you.

HG, we're impressed. Keep sending it, we'll keep watching.