Crested Butte was VERY snowy.  It snowed ALL day and we skied POW.  They tried to hold us hostage but I escaped.   The morning after the demo and storm that caked the Dr. Suss looking town with over a foot it 15 below zero and my theory is that the fuel I got in Leadville from the Conoco was bad.   The diesel was gelled up and put a hold on plans for a big day of getting jobs done and maybe skiing before heading to Telluride.  

So I did everything I could to warm Squall-e up.  Propane heater, jumper cables, sun, waiting, waiting, logging footage while waiting, trying to start him, adding 911 frozen diesel...additive, waiting, and finally it was alive!  I escaped and made the drive to Telluride alone but the Butte claimed my co-pilot for this leg.You'll now find him at Peak Sports happy to be swallowed by CB.  

So, I arrived in Telluride receiving nothing but good vibes from the local dwellers as I posted flyers around town advertising this stop of the LBRT to Ride Tour.  The demo today went great, as always. Except for all the people who for whatever reason, (BC missions, work, ect...) could not partake in the one day I planned to spend here.  And it seemed like every other passer-by asked the same question, "Will you be here tomorrow?"  If I had a dollar for every time I heard that....  

The people of Telluride made it clear that I was not getting out easy.  Maybe not at all.  And so, here I am.  Giving what the people what they demanded and hopefully leaving the San Juans alive with all my skis.