HDP Films, the producers of the internationally acclaimed Solid Powder-series, is set out to produce two half an hour freeride films. The filming of the movies, to be released in the fall of 2005, is already off to a good start.

HDP Films has moved into a two film- concept, one designated for skiing and the other for boarding, in order to grasp an even greater audience. The number of viewers is expected to increase with the involvement of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Both films are to follow the popular delivery method of the Solid Powder series: free download over the Internet. The download of movies will be available, as always, through http://www.solidpowder.com.

Order your own copy of Solid Powder Series DVD in advance for 20€! This offer is valid until Oct.1, 2004. The normal price is set for 25€. See our shop for ordering details: http://www.extremevideo.fi.

Solid Powder Series DVD includes all 3 Solid Powder movies + bonus footage. The length of the DVD is approximately 2 hrs.

The Solid Powder 3 teaser is also available at http://www.solidpowder.com.

The Elekrep Teaaser is available at http://www.elekrep.com.