BE SURE TO TURN ON THE HD!This footage is just from a day at Snowbird UT testing out my new GoPro HD Camera and Chest Mount. I am trying to decide still how much I like the chest mount as compared to the helmet mount. It does allow you to see your skis and the horizon at the same time easier, but also looks weird whenever your arms raise above the level of the camera (dropping a cliff, etc.). Footage isn't great, mostly because I was testing the camera as well as frame rates. The HD on this camera looks awesome though for sure!My home network wasn't working when I threw this video together and there were about 10 random songs on my computer, I decided this one was as good as any. If anyone has some cool music that I could throw in an edit sometime let me know, would love some spanish guitar.More video to come. P.S. That day at the Bird was awesome! I was testing out the Lib Tech NAS Pow ReCURVE skis. A review will be posted on soon.