The 4bi9 Crew are at it again, and releasing the trailer to Season 2 of Guacamole Sundayze.

This is sure to prove to be a good one, as basically anything that comes out of these guys is quite interesting. The trailer has some great shots in it and is extremely well put together. I'm anxiously awaiting more, that's for sure.

In an interview posted on the 4bi9 website, Ryan Wyble states that the athletes involved will be:

"Hopefully we will have a full roster including myself, Doctor Side Barnes, Professor Grenadine, Mr Hurricanus,

Senior Mr. Green Crab the III, The Meatlocker, Mr. and Mrs. Meatlocker, Tayna Walton, King Aurthor of the Round Table, Davis Beullar, Bacan Mc Chaddar, Cherry Popins, the Squirter, Wormboy, the Worm Turner, and several other members."

The full interview in all its glory can be read here -

Guacamole Sundayze Season 2 from 4BI9 Media on Vimeo.

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