Let's get what happened in the 'Grey's Anatomy' musical episode out of the way.Arizona asked a pregnant-with-Mark-Sloane's-child Callie to marry her, but before she could answer, they were hit by a truck.Dr. Torres was thrown through a windshield, leaving her bloody and clinging to life. (Bad idea to be eating right now!) During the trauma, Callie has an out-of-body experience where she and everyone around her sings. (And inexplicably, when they are not around her, too.)All the doctors band together -- including Addison, in a random cameo, and the mention of the long lost Dr. Burke -- to save her life and the baby's. She wakes up and says yes to Arizona.It goes beyond the musical episode being completely ridiculous, which it was. Is Callie really hallucinating kitchen counter sex between Owen and Cristina? Or Dr. Altman bending over while her husband, whom I'm going to call Noel because he's played by Scott Foley and I don't know his name, looks at her assets? No.