Interview by Jeff Schmuck

Hi Grete

Hey, how’s it going?

Good. How was the haunted house last night?

It was amazing! I went with Shidasha, you know Shidasha Holmstead right?

Sure do.

Her and I went with two of my guy friends, and all of us were clinging onto eachother the entire time, we couldn’t let go, we were so scared. We ended up in this room filled with bodies in these bags that were hanging everywhere and we couldn’t see that much. We were just trying to get though all the bags and we got lost in that part of the house forever. And then I don’t know who it was, I think it Jason or someone from Halloween and he was there trying to kill us. It was sweet. 

Jason is from Friday the 13th. Was it him or Michael Meyers?

I honestly have no idea it was. I was so scared so I was just closing my eyes so I didn’t even see his face (laughs). I love haunted houses, they’re one my favorite things ever to do and they scare me to death. I even get scared waiting in line. You know when the actors come by and try to scare you while you’re waiting to get in? I get scared from that. One of the people I was with told one of the actors my name and they were like, “Grete we’re going to kill you!” I was so scared because I couldn’t figure out how he knew my name. I was freaking out! (laughs)

photo courtesy: Anna De Masi

So how’s school going?

It’s going really good. I had a test today and it was pretty exciting because the teacher graded it right after class. I worked my ass off studying for it last night, except for when I went to the haunted house. So today I was studying like crazy and I fell asleep in the lounge at school and then I woke up, realized I knew all of the information, went into the test, took it and I got 100%, so I was psyched. My professor even gave me a high-five.

Tell everyone what you’re taking.

The classes I’m taking this semester are computer essentials, communication speech, productive logic, and survey of theater.

And you’re working towards a business management degree right?

That’s correct. Yep.

So the big news is, you’ve left Armada and signed with Head as of yesterday? Or was it the day before?

Yeah, yesterday.

Cool. So, why Head?

Well Armada was great and I had a really good time with them but I decided I wanted to go with a company that was going to be more women’s-skiing focused. And Head’s going to be able to do that, so I’m really excited.

What are their plans for the future in that area? Are they going to be making more women’s-specific twintips?

Well, we’ll see what happens. The plan right now is I’m going to work with a bunch of women on the board all together, and I just want to work with a company that’s been in the industry forever. Head skis have been around forever, ever since I started skiing, and I know they’ll continue to be in the sport no matter what happens, and that’s what’s so cool about working with a company like this. I can’t explain how stoked I am and how excited I am to work with all these different athletes and people.

A lot of people are going to wonder why leave Armada for Head, or rather, why leave Armada in general?

Right, right. The main reason is, like I was saying before, Armada was great, but I needed a company that was going to be focused on women’s skiing and that’s why I’m going to Head. That was the main reason why. I wanted to work with a company that was going to focus a lot of their marketing dollars and designing teams on making women’s-specific skis and pushing the sport of women’s-skiing. I couldn’t do that as much at Armada so I decided I wanted to do it with someone else and Head was great about it.

Will your plans change at all for the winter and beyond now that you’re on a different ski sponsor?

No, I think it’ll be pretty much the same. It might change a little bit here and there but I’m still going to do what I want to do basically. I’ll still pick the contests I want to compete in. Head’s not going to make me do anything more or less than what I want to do. Everything I do in skiing is what I want to do, and they’re going to let me express what I want to do with my skiing. If it snows a bunch, I’ll go skiing powder a bunch. But if it doesn’t, then maybe I’ll just ski pipe all year too. It’s one or the other, but all I know is I’m going to have a smile on my face the entire year so it’s going to be great.

You’ve always got a smile on your face Grete.

Shut-up (laughs). But it’s true. Because there’s so many happy and great things in life.

What’s a definite for you this winter?

Well, for sure X-Games. But Michelle and I are also talking about how we want to go to Alaska together when her knee is all better, and that’s another main thing I want to do. Just see what it’s like and become a mountain woman. It’ll be great. I haven’t skied since May so I’m really pumped for this season, so I can’t wait to get out there and have a ball again.

Nice. Is there anything else you want to say about the switch or anything in general?

Oh, make sure you tell everyone I’m going to see Lil’ Wayne tonight. I’ve got a VIP pass so maybe after the concert my name will be Mrs. Carter. Ya never know (laughs).


photo courtesy: Anna De Masi