Grete Goes to Baldface, BC – Webisode One – Getting There

Grete Goes to Baldface, BC is a collection of footage that ColdAsIce.TV is compiling into a few different webisodes. Fans of Grete, and ColdAsIce.TV in general, will enjoy these webisodes… from her journey up to BC to shredding POW from Helis and Cats… from confessions from fellow pro athletes to strange shuttle drivers…. Grete got it all on her GoPro.

In webisode One, you will go along with Grete through the airport, waiting on the shuttle, getting a little dirt on Dash Longe, then finally… a free acoustic concert by the shuttle driver/Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash/Elvis

Stay tuned for Grete Goes to Baldface, BC webisode two… where she will shred your face off with her sick POW skills.

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