If you haven’t seen this video before, you have to watch it!  For those of you who are enjoying the resurgence of the eighties, moon boots and Journey, and may not have been old enough to actually enjoy it the first time,  here’s a dose of 80′s pop culture at it’s prime in 1984.

I’m staying with my family at a house in Breckenridge for Christmas and I have to say that this video is exactly what it’s like!  And it’s the way every Christmas should be.  OK, not really, but here’s why this video is so amazingly hilarious:

Synth, lots of it

Really aggressive waving

Amazing hair, not on the girls, on the dudes.

Old skool K2′s

Taking a gondola to your mountain chalet

Staying at a house that has no gate in its fence

Wearing garland

Fake snow and sending the jokester for fire wood

Scarves.  Lots of scarves.

Sparkler cakes

Brooding eyes

Sentimental broaches

Original Moon Boots

Lots of skis, but no actual skiing

Enjoy, and happy holidays.  Hope your Christmas isn’t ruined by some chick who dumped you and still wears your special broach.