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Words by Ian Kirkpatrick, photos by Julie Weinberger

Night Rail Jam

Against a heavy field of competitors, virtual unknown Tim Russell made a mockery of an awesome jam set up right in the middle of Frisco, Colorado last night. The city organizers put a ton of effort and commitment into this event. A whole two city blocks were shut down so a huge scaffolding drop-in and the jibs could be set up. The arrangement was a high flat rail and a flat-up-flat-down platter type rail.

Friday night turned into a cardio session rather than a jam. The skiers had forty-five minutes broken down into three fifteen-minute sections. Winners of each fifteen-minute session got $1,000 and the overall winner went home with five grand. Everybody was hungry and started speed walking up the stairs to the top of the drop-in.

The snowboarders got their fifteen minutes first and the majority of that field spent their time going big and trying to disaster the multi-kink. Tonight, the skiers brought the technicality and the crowd seemed to be feeling it a little more.

Tom D. made the competition turn the color of his newest thong when they saw this one.

Liam would have stomped this blindside switchup if his pants hadn't fallen down halfway through.

Liam Downey came out guns firing with a switch-up on the down kink and definitely got the field going. Corey Vanular was just flowing tonight. Everything he threw looked effortless. First run he nailed a 270-on-reverse 270 off the flat bar. Grete disastered onto the last down first hit... in all honesty, this was sheer madness. Everybody was going Uzi style. Tanner Rainville started taking the lead from Corey with some smooth spins on, reverse spins off. Later on he was trying to throw a switch-up on the tail end of the flat bar.