Saw this on Grant’s Gunderson’s blog and thought I would share. Just insane.

Helicopter Bombing on the Shuksan arm and Hemispheres

“Early last Saturday, the Mt. Baker Ski Patrol used a helicopter to do control work on the Shuksan Arm and on Hemispheres as there was significant potential for large destructive slides to come inside the ski area. The following images are the results of that work. NOTE, NWAC was only issuing a ratting of Moderate for Saturday. These results prove there is a very deep and still active layer in our snow pack that may become very active when the temps start to raise. A profile of the large crown on Hemispheres showed a very hard ICY bed surface with a layer of facets above it that the slab was sitting on. SCARRY! We measured the Hemispheres crown at 12~13 feet. A 350 CM ruler was not long enough!”

Check out the rest of the photos at Grant’s blog.